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A refreshing new way to enjoy Maine flavors  

Carrie and Mark

What is mead?

   In its most basic form, mead is simply water, honey and yeast. However, mead can come in many different forms. Fruit, herbs, spices or wood can be added for flavor; it can be served sparking or still, cold or hot; it can be dry, semi-sweet or sweet, and in many different alcohol levels (session/hydromel <7% Alcohol By Volume (ABV), standard mead 7% - 14% ABV or sacked mead >14% ABV).


Is mead a wine or a beer?

   The short answer is, it is neither. However generally in the United States it is referred to as “honey wine”. Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, and while it was made all over the world, it dates back to China between 6,000-7,000 BC. Mead is made by using honey as the fermentable sugar.

   Here at Ægir's Den Meadery we make many different types of mead, all using local honey with as many ingredients as possible grown on local farms, some straight from our own farm! Currently we have a wide selection of our Session Series available (these are 6% ABV, come carbonated in pint cans and are best served chilled). Varieties include: Traditional, Raspberry, Blueberry/Ginger, Strawberry/Sage, Pear, Peach, Blueberry, and our Cyser (mead made using apple cider as the base). Recently we added a short mead line, to include Loki's Wit (hops, coriander and orange peeol), Ebony Nectar (cocoa nibs, vanilla bean and roasted hazelnut) and Brisingamen (black currant and fennel). Our Bottle strengths debuted in the fall of 2020. Varieties include: Traditional, Cyser, Clove, Dandelion, Acerglyn (mead made with honey and maple syrup), and this is only the beginning...

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