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The Story of Ægir

   In Norse mythology Ægir (EYE-gir) is the Lord of the Ocean. He and his wife Ran are the rulers of all the seas in the nine worlds and live in a great hall beneath the ocean, where they host magnificent feasts for the Gods.

  In this great hall the Gods have to put aside their differences because if they fight they are banished from Ægir's feasts. This is a hefty crime as his feasts boast plates that are always full, and drinking horns which magically refill with the finest mead in the nine worlds. 

  Ægir brews with the help of his nine daughters, who are often portrayed as the waves of the ocean. The brew pot is one mile wide and one mile deep. Ægir came upon this massive pot when the Gods came down to his hall for a feast and the plates were empty. When they asked why, he explained to them that he had nothing to brew in and wouldn't serve food without mead. Thor and Tyr undertook a mission to steal the huge brewing vat from the giant, Hymir and presented it to Ægir as a gift. Since that day there has never been a shortage of mead at Ægir's feasts.

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