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Our Meadery -
Dual Veteran Owned

   Wine making has been a Mancini family tradition for generations - one which we gladly continue. Over the years we have made many wines, some good and some not so good. In Spring of 2012 our lawn was yellow with blossoms and we decided to get together with some good friends and hold a, "dandelion wine off".  Holding faithful to our Paleo diet we opted to substitute honey for sugar as a sweetener. We and the other couple both followed our chosen recipes. Their wine came out a nice light color and was similar to a white wine; ours came out a deep amber color and had a wonderful taste, but different than any wine we had tasted before. A friend of mine who owned a brewing supply store explained that we had made mead. At that time we began our adventure, and have been exploring ever since.

   To honor Ægir and take care of you, we use only the best ingredients. Our raw honey is hand collected from hives in Jay, Sidney, Albion and Pittsfield Maine. Using this nectar of the gods we brew a variety of meads. Currently we brew original mead in different sweetness levels and aged with a variety of oak to add subtle and delicious flavors: Metheglin (mead aged with spices), Melomel (mead aged with fruit), Acerglyn (mead aged with maple syrup from our family’s maple grove) and Cyser (mead aged using apple cider, hand pressed from a local holistic orchard). This is just the beginning of the possibilities...

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